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Hinduism - Who Was Mitra Mishra?


Mitra Mishra (early 17th c.) is the author of the Viramitrodaya, a compendium of Hindu lore.

The Viramitrodaya is an example of a class of commentarial literature known as nibandhas (“collections”).

The compilers of the nibandhas culled references on a particular theme from the Vedas, dharma literature, puranas, and other authoritative religious texts, placing these excerpts into a single volume.

Each of the Viramitrodaya’s twenty-two sections is devoted to a particular aspect of Hindu life, such as daily practice, worship, gift-giving (dana), vows, pilgrimage, penances (prayashchitta), purification, death rites (antyeshthi samskara), and law; the final section is devoted to final liberation of the soul (moksha) (moksha).

In addition to citing the relevant scriptural passages, Mitra Mishra also provides extensive commentary of his own.

His work became an important source for later legal interpretation, particularly in eastern India.

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