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Paganism & Wicca - What Is Mojo?

Mojo isn't the same as sex appeal, sexual aptitude, or that seductive quality that certain guys have. 

  • Mojo is a talisman that helps anybody, male or female, accomplish whatever objectives and aspirations they have. 
  • Mojo is a good talisman that is usually associated with success and triumph. 
  • Mojos are often packaged in packets or bags. 
  • Many witches and wizards are adept at making mojo bags. 

The technique is global, although this particular word has African origins and was originally used in Hoodoo and Conjure. “Mojo” is derived from the Kongo term “mooyo,” which means “the indwelling spirit of a talisman,” according to scholar Robert Farris Thompson. 

  • Mojos are a common topic of blues songs; as blues gained popularity among the general public, many new listeners were unfamiliar with magical language. 
  • They mistook mojo for one of the intended outcomes in their effort to decipher the term. Gris-gris is another name for Gris-gris.

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