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Hinduism - Who Is Bharat Mata?

Mother India is known as Bharat Mata. 

A map of the subcontinent, typically conspicuously inscribed with the network of India's holy places, is the main picture of a modern Hindu "deity" (tirthas). 

  • The presumption underlying most of these sacred places is that the land is holy in and of itself, but Bharat Mata takes this concept to a higher level, sanctifying the whole subcontinent. 
  • Despite the fact that this map and the picture of Mother India on it are seldom used as real objects of devotion, they convey significant symbolic meanings. 

In a broad sense, Mother India's sanctity unifies all Hindus, regardless of their sectarian allegiance. 

  • Furthermore, it implies that, despite its remarkable geographical variety, India has an united culture. 
  • These concepts may be found in specific places, such as the networks of tirthas that connect the nation, but the fundamental aim of this picture in modern times is frequently political rather than religious. 
  • It may simply symbolize national pride at times, but it can also conceal a more nefarious purpose at other times. 

This association of Indian culture with the homeland may be used to label religious minorities—primarily Muslims and Christians whose holy sites are located in other countries—as "foreigners" whose patriotism and connections to the Indian country are questionable.

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