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Hinduism - Who Was Murari Gupta?



The first version of the Chaitanya-Charitramrta ("Nectar of Chaitanya's Deeds"), a chronicle of the life of Bengali saint Chaitanya (1486–1533), was written by Murari Gupta (16th c.).

The work by Murari Gupta concentrates on Chaitanya's early childhood up till the conclusion of his southern Indian trip in 1513.

The poem ends with a short mention of his 1514 journey to Brindavan and subsequent return to Puri, where he spent the remainder of his life.

This is not a "objective" biography, like the other conventional versions of Chaitanya's life; rather, it is a hagiography (idealized picture) authored by a devout disciple (bhakta).

Nonetheless, Murari Gupta was a contemporary and companion of Chaitanya; his book is the most credible of these traditional sources since it represents first-hand experience.

~Kiran Atma

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