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Hinduism - What Is A Math or Mutt?


Math or Mutt is a commonly used term for a  "monastery" in India

Ascetics' residential place; generally a big, well-established residence for a group of ascetics belonging to a recognized order.

The philosopher Shankaracharya is said to have founded the four most famous maths: the Jyotir Math in the Himalayan town of Joshimath; the Govardhan Math in the Bay of Bengal city of Puri; the Sharada Math in the Arabian Sea city of Dwaraka; and the Shringeri Math in the southern Indian town of Shringeri.

The four main factions in the Dashanami sect Sanyasis, renunciant ascetics who are worshippers (bhakta) of the deity Shiva, have their headquarters in these mathematics.

Despite the fact that most maths do not have the same prestige as these four, they all function as ascetic and religious places.

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