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Hinduism - What Is Nag Panchami?


Nag Panchami  is a festival celebrated on the fifth day (panchami) of Shravan (July–August), the bright, waxing half of the lunar month.

This day is dedicated to serpent worship, whether in the form of Nagas (minor deities who assume the shape of snakes) or genuine cobras and other snakes.

The Naga deities' pictures are washed and offered offerings on this day.

Real serpents are also honored with offerings.

On this day, people avoid digging in the ground because snakes thrive there.

This ritual takes place on the fifth day because Shesha, the god Vishnu's snake couch, is the guardian deity for this day according to astrology (jyotisha).

This festival takes place during the start of the rainy season, when rising waters from the monsoon rains lure snakes out of their burrows and into people's houses and gardens.

The rainy season is also a good time to plant crops, although snakes may be a significant threat to anyone working in the fields.

According to one estimate, 10,000 Indians die each year from snake bites.

Following this procedure, according to popular belief, would protect one against snake bites for the full year.

This is a protection ritual that marks the beginning of a perilous period for many villages.

~Kiran Atma

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