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Hinduism - Who Is A Mahamandaleshvar Among Dashanami Sanyasis' Naga akharas?

 ("The Region's Great Lord") When one of a Mandaleshvar's followers is selected as a Mandaleshvar while the preceptor is still alive, it is referred to as a term of respect.

Mandaleshvars are knowledgeable ascetics who oversee the Dashanami Sanyasis' Naga akharas, a tradition that dates back to the eighteenth century.

The Dashanami Nagas are renounced ascetics who are Shiva worshippers (bhakta) who formerly worked as merchants and mercenary soldiers.

Their toughness made them good fighters, but it left them unprepared for a formal debate with Christian missionaries.

Mandaleshvars were picked from among the most knowledgeable Paramahamsa ascetics in order for the latter to present a more cohesive and telling opposition; he is also the Nagas' teacher and spiritual advisor.

The enshrinement of a Mandaleshvar's student is therefore considered as elevating his teacher's status even higher.

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