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Hinduism - Who Is Nanddas?


(late 16th c.) One of the ashtachap, a group of eight bhakti (devotional) poets from northern India.

The Pushti Marg, a religious group whose members are devo ants (bhakta) of Krishna, utilised the writings of these eight poets for liturgical reasons.

All eight are also identified as members of the Pushti Marg's sectarian literature, as well as companions of either the community's founder, Vallabhacharya, or his successor, Vitthalnath.

Little is known about his life, although he is mentioned in the Bhaktamal, a seventeenth-century compendium of saints' biographies authored by Nabhadas.

Nanddas' poetry, like much of the poetry linked with the Pushti Marg, was centered on devotion to Krishna.

Extended poems on the ras lila and Uddhava's message are two of his most significant works, both written in lovely poetry.

Both of these concepts may be found in the Bhagavata Purana (10th century? ), Krishna devotionalism's most significant literature.

R. S. McGregor, The Round Dance of Krishna and Uddhav's Message, 1973, translated them.

~Kiran Atma

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