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Hinduism - What Is A Hindu Natal Horoscope?


In Indian tradition, a person's natal horoscope, also known as janampatrika ("birth-paper"), is thought to disclose a lot about them.

The moment one is born is said to be determined by one's prior karma.

As a result, a natal horoscope serves as a karmic "itinerary," detailing where one has gone and what one might anticipate in the future.

Natal horoscopes continue to have a role in decision-making, particularly when it comes to marital arrangements.

Before committing to an engagement, the couple's compatibility is determined by exchanging natal horoscopes.

This occurs sometimes simply because the notion that the horoscopes are incompatible might be used as an excuse to reject an improper or unsatisfactory match.

Natal horoscopes are said to give vital information about a person's destiny.

If a person's horoscope predicts early death—or the early death of a spouse—marriage may be problematic unless specific rituals are performed to alleviate these issues.

~Kiran Atma

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