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Hinduism - What Is Natyashastra?


The mythological sage Bharata is credited with writing a prescriptive treatise (shastra) for the performing arts in the second century.

The book is organized into 37 parts, each of which covers every facet of the three primary kinds of performance: music, theatre, and dance (which combines both music and drama).

Some portions of the book are dedicated to aesthetics and poetics, which aid in the creation and transmission of the appropriate environment for art enjoyment.

Other sections of the book address concrete, practical matters, such as the stage's construction.

For these three performing arts, the text remains authoritative, but it is especially vital for dance.

The Natyashastra is the ultimate authority for any dance style that purports to be "classical" rather than "folk" dancing.

Many of the stances and gestures seen in Indian dance were originally standardized in this work.

~Kiran Atma

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