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Yoga for Neck Ache

Yoga can aid in the prevention and relief of neck pain. The use of a mixture of relaxed stretches and stretching exercises will help to loosen up tense muscles in the body.

Neck stability is improved, and postural muscles are rebalanced.

The neck will be lubricated and its range of motion will be increased with simple and steady motions. Each posture can be held for 30 to 90 seconds.

Although it's good to reinforce and stretch the neck muscles to help avoid neck injury, it's better not to aggravate an existing neck problem. The poses that place the bulk of the body's weight on the head or neck are the most taxing on the neck.

Beneficial Yoga Asanas

  1. Simple Pose with Neck Stretch (Sukhasana) is an example of seated neck stretches. Tension in the neck muscles can cause neck pain. Neck pain may be prevented or reduced by stretching these muscles.
  2. Pose Dedicated to Bharadvaja (Bharadvajasana) is an example of seated twists. The muscles of the neck are connected to those of the upper back.
  3. Seated twists increase upper back and neck range of motion, which can help avoid or relieve neck pain created by discomfort in these regions.
  4. Going from Tiger Pose (Vyaghrasana), modification knee to the forehead, to Tiger Pose (Vyaghrasana), also known as Cat Tilt, tip. Rounding the back and then bending into a slight backbend will help stabilise the neck muscles while still stretching the front and back of the neck (in Dog Tilt) (in Cat Tilt).
  5. Hand Position of the Pose Devoted to Garuda in Hero Pose (Hasta Garudasana in Virasana). Any posture involving this hand position stretches the upper back and back shoulder heads, reducing neck pain created by stress in the upper back muscles.