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Neti Kriya - Hatha Yoga Shat Karma

The aim of the ‘Neti' exercise is to cleanse the nostrils. The nostrils must still be kept clear. You may have irregular breathing if the nostrils are dirty. Breathing irregularly can make you sick.

Take a perfect, 12-inch-long piece of yarn. The thread should be free of knots in the centre. It should not be too frail or frail. Place one end of it in the right nostril and tightly grasp the other end. Pass a forcible, persistent inhalation through the door. Then drag it out slowly. Move it into the left nostril in the same manner and gently exhale. Pulling the nostrils violently will cause injury. Move the thread into one nostril and out the other after a little practice. When you first inject the thread into your nose, you will start to sneeze a lot. After three or four tries, this fails. When the nostrils get plugged due to ice, you should use this technique.

Another simple procedure for washing the nostrils exists. In your side, or in a wide-mouthed cup, pour some cold water. Draw the water slowly through your nose and forcefully eject it through your nose. Many people are capable of doing this. When people first start learning this, they can get a little cold and cough after one or two attempts. They will practice as soon as they are feeling better.

Many people will quickly pull tobacco smoke from their mouth and transfer it through their nose. If smokers try hard enough, they will pull smoke from one nostril and expel it through the other nostril or mouth. Water, on the other hand, can be easily passed.

'Seet-Krama' is the practice of drawing water and exhaling it through the nose. It's named 'Vyut-Krama' as you take water from your nose and eject it through your teeth. This Neti Kriya purifies the skull and induces clairvoyance, according to the Gheranda Samhita (Divya Drishti).

Rhinitis and coryza are both healed as a result of this.

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