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Hinduism - What Is The Nirjala Ekadashi?


The eleventh day (ekadashi) of the bright, waxing half of the lunar month of Jyeshth (May–June) is a religious celebration.

The eleventh-day observances are all devoted to the worship of Vishnu, the deity.

Most Hindu holidays have mandated ceremonies, which generally include fasting (upavasa) and devotion, and frequently promise particular rewards if they are followed faithfully.

This ekadashi has more stringent requirements than the others.

Not only is all food prohibited, but the individual performing the ceremony must also refrain from drinking water, hence the term nirjala, which means "waterless." The fast must endure from sunrise until sunset.

Because this ekadashi falls during the warmest time of the year, this will be a difficult endeavor.

The benefits are substantial: Whether or whether they have performed the ceremonies for the other twenty-four ekadashis throughout the year, those who complete the vow for this one ekadashi get religious merit for all twenty-four ekadashis during the year.

Keeping the ekadashi promise is also said to ensure a long life and the liberation of the soul after death.

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