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Hinduism - What Is Nishkramana Samskara?


Nishkramana (“going-out”) Samskara.

The newborn is taken for his or her first outing outside the home at the sixth traditional life-cycle rite (samskara).

Despite the fact that traditional texts see this as a minor ceremony and conventional textual protocols are seldom followed, a small child's first excursion is often meticulously arranged.

It reflects the child's first interaction with the bigger world, and consequently the child's widening field of possibilities, on a symbolic level.

It also demonstrates the need of protective rituals.

Many people believe in the power of the evil eye (nazar) even in contemporary India, and small children are especially vulnerable.

As a result, a child's earliest interactions with the chaotic outside world must be carefully planned and controlled.

~Kiran Atma

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