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Paganism & Wicca - What Is Obeah?

British West Indian magical practices inherited from Africa. 

  • The term may refer to either the system or a practitioner, who is also known as an Obeah Man or Obeah Woman. 
  • The term is said to have originated in what is now contemporary Ghana; obayifo is a sorcerer, witch, or wizard in the Twi (Akan) language. 
  • Because colonial authorities realized that Obeah men and women supported and coordinated opposition to slavery, Obeah was often banned. 
  • Obeah, like Hoodoo and the arts of the Cunning Folk, is more concerned with practical magic and less so with spirituality. 
  • This may be due to being under Protestant control, which allowed for less covert maintenance of non-Christian spiritual traditions than Roman Catholicism, which allowed Candomble, Santeria, and Vodou to flourish and develop.

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