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8 Alternative Yoga Mudras

Sambhavi, Manduki, Aswini, Tadagi, Matangini, Bhuchari, Aghori, and a variety of other Mudras are among them. I've just listed the most appropriate Mudras here. Refer to my book "Hatha Yoga" for detailed advice on all of the Mudras.


1. The Maha Mudra, Maha Bandha, and Maha Vedha are all part of the same community. They resemble three phases of a single workout. Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, and Jalandhara Bandha belong to a different community. Mula Bandha is used in Puraka, Kumbhaka, and Rechaka, as well as meditation and Japa. During Rechaka, Uddiyana Bandha is performed, and during Kumbhaka, Jalandhara Bandha is performed.

2. Mudras and Bandhas, as other Yogic Kriyas, can be performed when the stomach is empty. Mudras can be practiced according to the same general guidelines as Asanas and Pranayamas.

3. The advantages conferred can not be realized only by the use of Mudras. Pranayamas, Asanas, Japa, and other Yogic Kriyas must all be combined.

4. Khechari Mudra must be performed under the supervision of a Khechari Guru. Cutting the lower tendon at regular intervals should be performed with caution. If aspirants begin this Kriya after the age of 25, when the muscles and nerves have stiffened, they may not be effective.

5. Advanced courses such as Khechari, Shakti Chalana, Vajroli, and others need not be practiced by anyone. Aspirants can check with the Guru to see whether they are physically fit for such advanced exercises, as well as whether they meet the other conditions for the course.

6. Tadagi Mudra is another name for Uddiyana Bandha. Matangini Mudra refers to the Seet-Krama and Vyut-Krama . Mula Bandha is what you can do. Allow it to go. This is all I keep coming back to.

It's known as Aswini Mudra.

7. Those who have not completed the preliminary portion of Khechari Mudra (lengthening the tongue) should merely turn their tongue upwards on the palate. Nabho Mudra, also known as Manduki Mudra, is a hand gesture.

8. Only deep mental attention will lead to true results in Mudras. 

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