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Pranayama practitioners may use their Prana to help treat morbid diseases. They can also quickly replenish their Prana reserves by practicing Kumbhaka. Never believe that distributing Prana to others would deplete your Prana. The more you send, the more from the celestial stream will flow to you (Hiranyagarbha). It is the natural law. Do not turn into a snob. If there is a rheumatic patient, use both hands to carefully shampoo his thighs. Do Kumbhaka when shampooing (massaging) and feel the Prana is streaming from your hands to your customer. Connect with Hiranyagarbha, or cosmic Prana, and see cosmic energies streaming through your hands into the patient. 

Warmth, relaxation, and strength will both come over the patient at the same time. Massage and your magnetic touch will help you recover from a fever, intestinal colic, or some other illness. You should talk to the cells and give them instructions as you rub the liver, spleen, intestine, or some other part or organ of the body:—“O cells! Make sure your duties are properly discharged. It is what I command you to do.” They will follow your instructions. They, too, are endowed with a kind of subconscious wisdom. When you pass your Prana to others, repeat your Mantra. Have a look at a few examples. You will improve your skills. You should also treat scorpion stings. Shampoo the leg gently to remove the venom.

Pranayama will give you exceptional concentrating strength, a powerful will, and a perfectly balanced, strong body if you practice it daily. You'll have to deliberately steer Prana to unhealthy parts of your body. Assume you have a slow-moving liver. Take a seat in Padmasana. Close your eyes for a moment.

Sukha Purvaka Pranayama should be practiced. Prana should be directed to the liver area. Concentrate your thoughts on that area. Concentrate your mind on that field. Imagine Prana entering all of the tissues and cells of the liver lobes and doing its curative, regenerative, and constructive function there. By transporting Prana to diseased places, faith, creativity, focus, and curiosity play an important role in curing diseases. Imagine the morbid impurities in the liver being expelled during exhalation.

12 times in the morning and 12 times in the evening, repeat this procedure. The liver's sluggishness will go down in a few days. This is a non-drug therapy. This is a natural remedy. During Pranayama, you can guide the Prana to any part of the body, curing any illness, acute or chronic. Once or twice, try to cure yourself. Your beliefs will become more strong. Why do you scream for ghee when you have butter in your lap, when you have a cheap, strong, and easily accessible remedy or agent called ‘Prana' at your disposal at all times? Use it sparingly. You will heal multiple illnesses with only a touch if you improve your focus and exercise. Many illnesses can be overcome by sheer willpower in their advanced stages.

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