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Paganism & Wicca - What Is A Paket Kongo?


These cloth-bound packets containing botanicals and powders are a kind of Vodou amulet or talisman. Many are stunning, made of luxurious fabrics, tied with silk ribbons, and embellished with feathers, mirrors, and/or sequins. 

  • Empty paket kongo are occasionally created into objets d'art by craftsmen because they are so lovely.
  • Genuine paket kongo are handcrafted and magically strengthened during spiritual ceremony. 
  • They're made under the auspices of Simbi, the magic's patron snake lwa. 
  • The size, color, and substance of these items are determined by their function and the spirit to which they are devoted or thought to contain. 

DIVINE WITCH: Simbi, as well as Gris-gris, Lwa, Mojo, and Talisman.

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