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Paganism & Wicca - What Is Pishogue Or Piseog?


A Pishogue or Piseog comes from the Irish Gaelic pisreog, pronounced "pish-rogue"; a diminutive for vagina, but also a charm or enchantment meant to cause damage, akin to "hex" or "spoiling." 

  • Piseogs induce disease, dehydrate cows, and eliminate agricultural and human fecundity. 
  • It's comparable to the Evil Eye, but it's obviously deliberate. 
  • On most people's properties, something organic is allowed to decay. 
  • A rotten egg, decaying meat, or a discarded menstruation cloth, for example, may all be found in a haystack. 
  • The piseog is the item: as it rots, the target's luck, health, fertility, and so on deteriorate. 
  • Shamrocks are said to protect against piseogs as well as glamour (see Glamour). 
  • Keep one on you at all times to keep yourself safe. 

If you think you're being controlled by a piseog, though, the following is an antidote: 

1. Locate the object. 

2. Pour Holy Water on it. 

3. Use a disposable improvised shovel to get rid of it. 

4. In a ditch or distant corner of a field, burn the piseog and this shovel. 

5. Continue to pray, petition, and sprinkle Holy Water. 

Prayers to St Benedict are said to be especially effective. 

The piseog is said to be the origin of the current custom of throwing rotten eggs at neighbors on the night before Halloween.

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