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Hinduism - What Is Vibhuti?


Vibhuti is a Sanskrit word that means “power”. 

Sacred ash with which worshippers of the deity Shiva (bhakta) brand their bodies, generally in three horizontal lines (tripundra).

The three lines are said to represent the three prongs of Shiva's trident in one interpretation, and Shiva's third eye in another.

In a variety of circumstances, ash is linked with Shiva.

On the one hand, he is said to smear ashes from the cremation ground all over his body, indicating his disregard for all conventional distinctions between purity and impurity (ashaucha); the ash could also represent Shiva's destruction of Kama, the god of love, who is reduced to ash by Shiva's third eye.

Vibhuti was traditionally manufactured from wood ash filtered through cloth until it was as fine as talcum powder.

This is still done today, especially by ascetics who utilize the ash from a dhuni, or smoldering ascetic fire, which is considered to give the ash a holy nature; in contemporary times, vibhuti is sold in religious supply shops.

~Kiran Atma

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A Yogi forgets about his or her body in order to focus his or her attention on the Lord. 

  • By learning breath management and manipulating his nervous system, he conquers heat and cold.
  • Via the practice of Bhastrika Pranayama, a Yogi induces psychic heat in the body.
  • He doesn't like being exposed to extremes of temperature.
  • He lies on the snow and uses the heat from his body to melt it.
  • A Yogi uses a sheet dipped in very cold water to protect his body and dries it with the Yoga heat emitted from his body. Some experts have dried up to thirty sheets in a single night.

In the end, a perfect Yogi cremates his body using the Yogic heat provided by his Yoga strength.

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