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Hinduism - What Is The Significance Of The Full Moon In The Hindu Calendar?


Full Moon is described using the terms Purnimasa or Purnima. The full moon is the last day of the lunar month in northern India, although it is frequently regarded the midpoint in southern India. 

In any case, the full moon connotes fullness, completeness, and plenty, and it is always a sign of impending doom. 

The widely held idea that religious merit produced by rituals conducted on the day of a full moon is comparable to that created by rites performed for a whole month is one evidence of its auspiciousness. 

Each lunar month has its own set of festivals, but the most significant are those in:

  • Baisakh (Buddha Purnima), 
  • Ashadh (Guru Purnima), 
  • Shravan (Raksha Bandhan), 
  • Kartik (Kartik Purnima), 
  • and Phalgun (Phalgun Purnima) (Holi).

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