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Hinduism - Who Was Lakshmibai?

(d. 1858) Queen of Jhansi, a minor kingdom in the state of Uttar Pradesh's south, and a leader in the 1857 revolt against the British known as the "Mutiny" or "First War of Indian Independence." 

The expansion of British authority harmed Lakshmibai's empire.

The British colonial authority had issued the "doctrine of lapse" proclamation, which enacted the annexation of any nation whose sovereign had died heirless.

In 1853, Lakshmibai's husband died. The British refused to accept his adoption and tried to conquer the kingdom despite the fact that he had adopted a son soon before his death.

Lakshmibai was a leader in the 1857 uprising and was killed in combat.

She was lauded as a patriot and supporter of Indian freedom, and she is seen as an incarnation of the strong goddess Durga due to her strength and martial prowess. 

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