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Hinduism - Who Are The Kshatriya In A Hindu Society?


The kshatriyas were the second most powerful of the four main social groupings in ancient Hindu social philosophy (varnas).

The kshatriyas' role was to rule, defend, and maintain social order in order for the other varnas to carry out their duties.

This picture is represented in the Purusha Sukta, a creation narrative.

The kshatriyas are said to have been produced from the shoulders of the Primeval Man and are associated with strength and power.

In actuality, the kshatriya varna may have been the most permeable of all, since anybody with the authority to govern was sometimes granted de facto kshatriya rank, which could be maintained in subsequent generations by a fictional genealogy.

The Rajputs (“king's sons”), who governed wide swaths of northern and western India at various periods, but whose roots are hazy and ambiguous, are perhaps the clearest illustration of this phenomenon.


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