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Hinduism - Who Is A Ravidasi Or Ravidasiis?


Ravidas, the untouchable poet-saint, was given this name by his disciples.

The Ravidasis highlight several principles found in Ravidas' poetry, such as the folly of attempting to confine the divine in scriptures and ceremonies, and his vision of a society in which all individuals may have equal status, regardless of their background.

Although Ravidas is held up as a model for religious equality based on the teachings in his poetry, it is doubtful that the Ravidasis were founded by Ravidas himself, nor is Ravidas an object of worship for them.

In current times, the Ravidasis have concentrated on combating all forms of caste-based prejudice, as well as empowering different low caste communities.

This movement is very new, and little has been written about it to far; for further information, read John Stratton Hawley and Mark Juergensmeyer (trans. ), Songs of the Saints of India, 1988, especially the introduction to Ravidas.

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