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Place a four-folded blanket on the floor. Sit on your hands. Interweave the fingers to form a finger-lock. Place it on the ground until it reaches the elbow. Hold your head on this finger-lock or between your two hands now. Lift the legs slowly until they are upright. Start by standing for five seconds and progressively raise the time by 15 seconds per week before you reach 20 minutes or half an hour.

Then, very slowly, lower it. Within two to three months, strong individuals would be able to do the Asana for half an hour. Take it easy at first. There isn't any danger. Do it twice a day, in the morning and evening, if you have the opportunity. To stop jerks, do this Asana very slowly. Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose, never through your lips, when standing on your head.

You should put one hand on either side of your head on the deck. If you're overweight, you'll find it easy to put this into effect. You should use the finger-lock technique if you've mastered juggling. For anyone who can stand on parallel bars or on the deck, this Asana is not for them. Use a wall or enlist the aid of a mate to keep the legs stable when practicing.

Some people may experience a new feeling during practice at first, but this soon fades. It makes you happy and giddy. When you've completed the workout, take a five-minute break and then drink a cup of milk. Some people will perform this Asana in a single stroke for two to three hours.


This is extremely beneficial in maintaining Brahmacharya. It transforms you into Oordhvaretas. The seminal energy is transformed into Ojas-Shakti, or divine energy. Sex-sublimation is another term for this. Spermatorrhea, you would not have wet dreaming. Seminal energy travels upwards through the brain of an Oordhvareto-Yogi, where it is retained as divine power and used for contemplative purposes (Dhyana). Imagine the seminal energy being transferred into Ojas and flowing across the spinal column through the brain for storage while you do this Asana.

Sirshasana really is a boon and a nectar. Words would fall short of properly describing the positive outcomes and consequences. The brain will take a lot of Prana and blood only from this Asana.

Memory improvement is impressive. This Asana is ideal for lawyers, occultists, and philosophers.

By itself, this contributes to normal Pranayama and Samadhi. No additional effort is needed. If you pay attention to the breathing, you'll find that it gets finer and finer. There will be some respiratory difficulties at the beginning of rehearsal. This fades down as the work progresses. This Asana will provide you with genuine joy and spiritual elation.

Sitting for reflection during Sirshasana has a lot of benefits. The echo of Anahata can be heard clearly. This Asana should be performed by young, strong people. Householders who do this do not engage in sexual activity on a regular basis.

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