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Ayurvedic Self Care - Importance Of Self Love

Ayurveda emphasizes the significance of connecting with your real self and learning to accept yourself completely. Only then will you be able to properly nourish yourself in order to attain holistic health. 

When we are continually inundated with images and ideals of perfection, which may lead to self-criticism and poor self-worth, the ancient Ayurvedic teaching of self-love is particularly important today. 

These emotions are often connected to health issues like anxiety and depression, so addressing them is critical for your long-term well-being. 

Try these easy ways to boost your self-esteem: 

Get up early. 

  1. When the characteristics of lightness, mobility, and emotional sensitivity of the vata dosha are most prominent, wisdom and inner knowledge are more easily accessible before dawn. 
  2. You may approach yourself with more compassion when you connect with these components of vata's energy. 

Take care of yourself. 

  1. Taking time each day for silence can help you connect more vividly to your real self. You may also try meditating to strengthen this bond. 
  2. Unplug Excess vata dosha, which may cause anxiety, can be caused by sensory overload. 
  3. During the day, and a few hours before bed, turn off your gadgets if feasible. 
  4. You will be less judgmental of yourself and able to give yourself more compassion if you are less nervous. 

Spend time in the great outdoors. 

  1. When we can harmonize with nature and the components found in all three doshas, we are at our healthiest. 
  2. This helps you find a deeper sense of self-acceptance by increasing ojas (immunity), decreasing self-criticism, and restoring vital life energy (prana).

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