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Hinduism - Where Is Kerala In India?


One of four southern Indian states whose people speak a Dravidian language, Malayalam in this instance.

Kerala is located on a short sliver of land between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, in what was formerly known as the Malabar coast.

Kerala is one of the "linguistic" states established after India's independence in 1947 to bring people who spoke the same language and had a same culture under one government.

It was formed from the princely republics of Travancore and Cochin, as well as the Malayalam-speaking portions of the former Madras state.

Kerala has traditionally been a significant commercial hub.

For thousands of years, traders from the Middle East have come to buy its spices and sandalwood.

It is the only Indian state with 100% adult literacy and has had India's first elected communist administration in modern times.

The temple of Aiyappa in Shabari Malai is Kerala's most renowned religious place.

The yearly trip to the place is customarily limited to men and women above the age of childbearing.

See Christine Nivin et al., India. 8th ed., Lonely Planet, 1998, for general information about Kerala and other Indian states.


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