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Hinduism - Who Was Bhagabhadra Of The Indian Shunga Dynasty?

Bhagabhadra was a monarch of the Shunga dynasty in India. Around 110 BCE, he controlled north, central, and eastern India.

Despite the fact that the Shungas' capital was Pataliputra, he was reported to have conducted court at Vidisha. 

  • The name Bhagabhadra is also believed to occur in the Shungas' regnal lists in the Puranic chronicles, under the name Bhadraka, the fifth king of the Shungas.
  • In the centuries after the collapse of the Maurya dynasty shortly before the turn of the common era, monarch in the Sunga dynasty, which was based in the Malwa area in the western portion of the state of Madhya Pradesh. 
  • Despite the Maurya state's disintegration, monarchs seem to have maintained communication with Greek-speaking countries to the west, as shown by a pillar inscription stating that Bhagabhadra received an envoy called Heliodorus from the king of Takshasila, modern-day Pakistan.

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