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Herbs And Herbalism - Silver Fir

Silver Fir- This conifer was originally the source of 'Strassburg Turpentine,' which Belon first mentioned in De Arboribus coniferis (1553). 

Until 1788, it was kept in the London Pharmacopoeia. It is currently exclusively utilized in traditional medicine, and the leaves, buds, and new resin are seldom harvested. 

Description - Leaves simple, needle-like, shiny and dark green above, rounded at apex; to 3 cm long; coniferous evergreen tree to 50 m trunk straight, branches brownish and pubescent; leaves simple, needle-like, glossy and dark green above, rounded at apex; Male cones are tiny and monoecious; female cones are up to 16 cm long, upright, reddishbrown in color, and have deciduous scales. 

  • Late spring to early summer appearance. 
  • Distribution Mountainous areas between 400 to 2000 meters in height are native to central and southern Europe. 
  • Introduced at another place the Cultivation is done in the Wild. 
  • Columnaris, Compacta, and Pendula are some of the cultivars used in horticulture. 

Constituents Turpentine, essential oil, a sugar called abietite, and provitamin. 

  • A make up oleo-resin. makes use of (leaves, fresh resin, oil of turpentine occasionally). 
  • Antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant, and carminative are some of the properties of this herb. 
  • Bronchitis, cystitis, leucorrhoea, ulcers, and flatulent colic are all treated with this drug. 
  • The oil is an irritant that may be used as a rubefacient in neuralgia when applied topically and diluted. 

Contra-indications The oil should only be applied to the skin and may induce allergic responses.

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