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Hinduism - What Is The Raghuvamsha?


("Raghu's Family Tree") One of Kalidasa's major poetry works.

Kalidasa is widely regarded as the best classical Sanskrit poet.

The Raghuvamsha is a nineteen-canto quasi-historical epic dedicated to the Solar Line's rulers, notably its most prominent member, the god-king Rama.

Although Kalidasa presents Rama as an avatar or heavenly incarnation in a manner that Valmiki does not, the tale of Rama in Kalidasa's poetry is very comparable to that of the epic Ramayana.

The Solar Line rulers are also used in Kalidasa's poetry as examples of dedication to the four purposes of life (purushartha): riches (artha), pleasure (kama), religious duty (dharma), and release (release) (moksha).

The rulers at the end of the line, according to Kalidasa, are entirely immoral and just interested in pleasure.

The line is destroyed as a result of their flagrant disregard for their obligation to govern justly, and the poem's audience learns a valuable lesson.

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