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Being Fearless

"Devotion after release is 'My Power of Divine Incarnation,'" God declares. The 'Power of Brahman' is devotion after freedom. Devotion and the 'Power of Brahman' are not the same thing. 

The condition of being a person, or Jiva, evaporates when one realizes one's Self as Brahman. The only Existence is Paramatman. 

This 'Devotion after Liberation' is to remain in the condition of paramatman. The Jiva is terrified. It is terrified. Shiva, on the other hand, is unafraid of anything. Be unafraid. The tiger and the mouse have opposing viewpoints. The mouse is terrified since being approached by anybody means death, but the tiger is constantly on the lookout for any animal. Whatever the tiger encounters has the potential to become the tiger's supper. The "Man of Knowledge," the Jnani, is the only one who is not terrified of any entity. He is unconcerned about anything. 

Fear is purely psychological in nature. Even if a snake crawls across a man's body while he is sleeping, he remains unconcerned. However, if he sees a snake from afar while awake, he gets terrified. The mind is the source of fear. 

What are you frightened of when you are everything? 

Sin and merit are the two things that most people are afraid of. Because it's a fear of God. But what is there to be afraid of when you are God? Fear entered your life the moment you were born. You were ignorant while in the womb, and when you saw the world for the first time, you were terrified, and that fear has remained. To calm the kid, honey and milk are provided, but the terror lingers. It does not vanish. 

Knowledge is imparted to help you comprehend, to provide you with the necessary enlightenment. As a result, knowing something makes you courageous. Pralhad prayed to God for the ability to be fearless. Fearlessness is "self-knowledge." Even though a man is extremely wealthy, if he is one hour late getting up in the morning, he is terrified, because he has the notion that, if he is one hour late, he will lose his job "I'm running late today. There will be a financial loss." In this way, everyone is terrified. He instructs his wife to wake him up early when he goes to bed. 

Why is he so terrified? 

He is scared that he will not be able to complete his everyday tasks. Some people wake up on their own. They are woken by their own consciousness as they wind their inner clock. This terror pervades everything. You're frightened while you're eating and when you're working, and there's a lot of uncertainty because of that. Fear is the source of the perplexity. Be unafraid. Sleep pleasantly, eat happily, and go about your business in a happy and tranquil manner. Don't be concerned about what may occur in the future. Don't be concerned in vain. Keep a calm and serene attitude. Being adaptive and calm is difficult, but strive to be at peace with yourself. 

The mind becomes perplexed and upset, but what exactly is the problem? 

When you inquire as to why it is terrified, it becomes deafeningly quiet. It keeps silent when you question it, "What are you doing?" Nobody can explain or answer why people are so agitated or worried. When a guest is asked why he came here, he sometimes responds, "Nothing in particular comes to mind. I just happened to be passing by." This is a common way of responding, however it is not a real response. He finally opens his thoughts, reveals his demand, and conveys his concern after some time. The tiger always roars, indicating that he is unfazed by anything. He is courageous at all times. 

Liberation is being fearless, and Devotion is enjoying that condition. 

Fearlessness refers to the lack of fear of anybody or anything. That is the true condition of "godhood," which you are constantly in. You are always in a paramatman condition. "Devotion after Liberation" is the term for this. This entails living in our own magnificence. Those who are true embodiments of God are aware of this Devotion, and after gaining Freedom, they are committed to God. 

How can individuals who claim to be free be "liberated" in the genuine sense if they are still scared of physical harm or the repercussions of everyday life? 

Someone who claims to be "Free" must truly be such. A free person should never believe that if he does particular rites, he is pure, and if he does not, he is impure. The situation of living in that "Glory of God" after Self-Realization and becoming emancipated while living is itself the "Devotion after Liberation." That is the "Power of Divine Incarnation," also known as Avatar. 

You should live as though you were God. God is fearless. If you are afraid, you are the jiva, and there is still some misunderstanding. Desires and emotions are to blame for the problems you're having. What good is "knowledge" if one continues to act in the same manner as before after attaining Self-Realization? 

The genuinely illumined one behaves in accordance with his insight. He is the Almighty. "I have become God of all beings because of their notion of creation, existence, and destruction," Lord Krishna declares. God creates and destroys hundreds of universes, but does this result in any guilt or merit on his part? Who will be the one to punish him? 

There is nothing else. Then who is there to make him fearful? 

He is unfathomable to all notions. He is formless, invisible, yet everything at the same time. Without Him, nothing exists anywhere. He is the reason you are here. You would not exist if it weren't for Him "I am the cosmos as a whole. I like everything, I eat everything, and I destroy everything. I am my own sense of whimsy." Even if your own tongue is uncontaminated when you lick it, we regard other people's spit to be filthy. 

The One with all the licking tongues, who is everywhere, alone yet in everything, is entirely unafraid, and so lives as a "Incarnation of God."

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Affirmations to Cure Bad Habits

Turn On, Turn Off, Inter-Sexuality

1. Your finest allies are your excellent habits; keep them going by stimulating them with positive behaviors.

2. Bad habits are your biggest enemies; they force you to do things you don't want to do.

You are the one who is most important. They harm your physical, social, mental, moral, and spiritual well-being.

Starve bad habits by refusing to give them any more nourishment in the form of bad behaviors.

3. True freedom is acting in line with one's desires, such as eating, reading, and assisting others.

Right judgement and willpower are more important than being pushed by habits.

Eat what you should eat rather than what you're accustomed to. 

Do what you want, not what your habits compel you to do.

4. Both good and harmful habits require time to develop force. Bad habits may be quite powerful.

If the latter are present, they will be substituted by the opposing positive behaviors. patiently educated

5. First, replace all negative habits with good habits in everything, and then cultivate a conscious awareness of them. being rid of all unbridled desires, lust, and other habits

You are a lawyer, You are exempt from all laws.

I am Thy child, and I adore Thy law. I am above all laws, just as Thou is above all laws.

Oh, ye gallant soldiers with wonderful military practices! Get rid of the shady, shady tendencies. Drive the darkness away.

Sick dark shady habits, I am free, I am free of you;

I'm going to do what's right, I'm going to do what's right. 

I am free, I am free, I am free....

I don't have any habits, I am not a creature of habit but a creature of light.

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Affirmation to Tame Sexual Energy

Wipe hands, feet, armpits, navel, face, medulla, and any bodily openings with a damp towel before retiring for the night. Do this on a regular basis. 

Draw a deep breath and exhale deeply during body excitation. 

Rep 6–15 times more. and then dash through throngs of people or past your bosses. Pollen and stamen are used to make the blooms pure. Thou didst bring my clean body via my parents, even as Thou art the creator. So are we, of all lovely things. Teach us how to make things. 

Noble thoughts or noble souls Noble ideas or noble souls. If it's necessary, it's necessary. You have no sex. We are sexless. You created us in holiness. Teach us to generate noble ideas or children in a religious manner. I was sculpted in the likeness of Thee. 

The body is like a garden full with delightful fruits of the senses, such as sound, sight, taste, smell, and touch. 

Man's divinity cautions him against overindulging and immoderation in the consumption of any of these sense-fruits, but especially against the improper consumption of the apple of sex-force, which is located in the middle of this corporeal Garden of Eden. 

Man is driven from his ideal paradise of Bliss Consciousness and loses the delight of self-control when he allows the snake of evil curiosity and the Eve or weak feminine nature in him to persuade him to break the law of controlled and non-identified sense experience. The fig leaf or sin awareness of shame is triggered by the abnormal activation of sex consciousness. 

Parents who want to have children should be especially cautious about focusing their attention on the creative aim and ignoring the means to that purpose. Man should not employ the allure of sex communion for its own reason.

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Affirmations for Psychological Success

I am courageous and powerful. I'm cool, I'm peaceful, I'm nice, I'm loving, and I'm sympathetic. I am enticing and captivating. I am satisfied with everything; I wash away everyone's sorrows and concerns; I have no enemies, despite what some may believe. 

I am everyone's friend. I don't have any habits; I'm free to eat, dress, and act as I like.

When I think, I demand of Thee, Attention, to come and practice attention on the things I do, on the tasks I do. 

In a church or temple, in a praying mood, my wandering thoughts stood against me and prevented my mind from reaching Thee. Teach me to own once more, own once again. 

In prayer and rapture, in meditation and reverie, I will give Thee my matter-sold mind and brain. 

In meditation in the mountain breast and isolation, I will adore Thee. 

I'll feel Thy energy flowing through my hands as they work. 

I'll look for Thee in action if I don't want to lose Thee.

On the dawn of wisdom's hour, in the tranquil lake of serenity. Mine is illuminated by Thine O's light.

I instruct you to use My eyes two times in the past, present, and future.

Be a solitary person. 

To see and know everything in order to make my body shine, I must be one and single. to enlighten my intellect To bring forth the best in my soul.

Turn your eyes upward, then downward, left, then right. Then, from left to right and right to left, rotate them. Fix your gaze on a point in the middle of your forehead, as though the Life Energy is flowing through and transforming both eyes into two searchlights. Physically, this practice is healthy to the eyes.

I wish for blue rays to pass through my optic nerves. And show me true, show me true, 'His Light is there,' and so on.

His Light shines brightly. Peep through my eyes, peep through my eyes, peep through my eyes, peep through my eyes, peep through my eyes, peep through my eyes, peep through my

They are complete and flawless.

One on top and two on the bottom

Three eyes, three eyes, three eyes, three eyes, three eyes, three eyes, three

What light flees through you, unseen? What light flees through you, undetected. Weep no more, Lotus eyes. Do not cry any longer.

Thy petals are no longer hurting from the storms. "Spiritual eye. Come quickly and glide like swans in the blissful river of Bliss."

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Affirmation for the Sense of Sight

  • Concentrate initially on the medulla with closed eyelids, 
  • then on the power of vision flowing via the optical nerves into the retina. 
  • Focus your attention on the retina. 
  • Allow your eyes to dilate and unwind.

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Affirmation for Spiritual Success


(For the Soul's Ignorance to be Healed)

You have knowledge.

And you know the beginning and end of everything. 

I am Thy child, and I seek to understand the fundamental mystery of life. 

The truly happy task of life

All things that Thou dost know of

Thou dost know will be revealed through thy knowledge in me.

As previously said, imagination, will, faith, reason, and emotions all activate the troubled Life Energy, which has the ability to internally electrify sick body cells and return them to their original healthy state.

Those who desire to heal in a scientific way should understand the rules of perceiving and regulating Life Energy. 

In order to treat others, one must be able to regulate his Life Energy and project a current into his patient's body that stimulates and harmonizes the patient's disordered Life Energy through the force of will or imagination. 

Healing cannot be done by coincidence; exceptional healers can observe the actual psycho-physical laws of nature at work in the patient's body during the healing process.

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Affirmation of Financial Success

You are my Father, and I wish you happiness and success. 

I am Thy kid, and I wish you happiness and success.

All of the earth's wealth All the treasures of the cosmos are Yours, 

I am Thy ward.

The riches of the earth and the world is mine,

 I lived in poverty ideas and mistakenly believed I was poor, thus I was poor.

Now that I've returned home, 

Thy consciousness has made me prosperous, prosperous. 

I am wealthy and successful. 

I am rich, I am wealthy,

Thou art everything, 

Thou art everything, 

Thou art

I have everything, 

I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money.

I have everything, I have everything, I have everything, 

I own everything, I own everything, just as Thou doest. 

I have everything because of you.

Spiritual achievement is defined by intentionally engaging Cosmic Consciousness and preserving your calm and composure in the face of life's unavoidable occurrences, such as the loss of a loved one or other loss. 

You should not be sad if one of your loved ones is separated from you by the laws of nature; rather, you should be grateful that God has given you the immense pleasure of caring for, befriending, and maintaining one of His loved ones in your care. 

Understanding the complexity of all life's occurrences and looking at everything pleasantly and courageously, with the awareness that everything is marching towards the ultimate objective, is the key to spiritual achievement. Knowledge should be used to cure ignorance.

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Affirmations for Success

Successful Consciousness Healing Requires Obeying the Divine and material rules. 

It is necessary to achieve both material and spiritual prosperity. Having all of life's requirements is the definition of material prosperity. Ambition for financial gain should be channeled toward bettering society, country, and planet. Make as much money as you can through improving your town, country, or globe, but never at the expense of others. 

Remember that there are mental, sub-conscious, and super-conscious rules that govern success and defeat. The subliminal way of success is to repeat the affirmations repeatedly and intently before and during sleep. 

If you desire Divine Law or superconscious power to assist you, you must not abandon your conscious efforts or depend solely on your natural skills. 

Use deliberate effort by attempting and planning to achieve, as well as battling defeat, while believing that the Divine Law is assisting you in reaching your goal. 

This technique creates a conscious link with the Divine. Consider that as a child of God, you have access to all of your Father's possessions. Doubt not; when you desire something, let go of your fear of failing and recognize that everything is yours. 

We have been robbed of our Divine heritage due to unconscious habits of ignorance and denial in this truth. 

Those who want to tap into Divine Supply's resources must overcome this erroneous mindset by consistent work and unwavering faith. Achievement will undoubtedly follow when the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious strategies of success are united. Attempt it again, no matter how many times you've failed before.

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To Heal and Treat a Dull Intelligence

For the Advancement and Correct Guidance of Reason, 

1. Read, jot down notes, and absorb internally.

2. Think about the positive aspects of things.

3. Use reason to come up with the greatest strategy you can for yourself.

4. Spend one hour reading, two hours writing, and three hours thinking. In the attempt to cultivate reason, this balance should be kept in mind.

5. Follow the mental laws that God has given you for the development of your reason.

6. These affirmations will expand the intrinsic wisdom that current psychologists think is restricted and incapable of extension if they are spoken with soul force behind them.

One can ascend beyond material rules and be completely ruled by them by obeying them and thinking that they are regulated by a higher spiritual rule. 

This transcendental supremacy of spiritual rules over material laws cannot be grasped by anybody who believes he can defeat material laws by blatantly rejecting their existence and acting in opposition to them.

Concentrate underneath the cranium, feeling the weight of the brain:

You wander in wisdom's halls, and you are the reason in me.

You wander and awaken. To receive, to receive 

The good that mind and senses provide 

The wisdom that Thou dost provide, each lethargic tiny cell of brain. 

I'm going to think, and I'm going to reason. 

I won't bother Thee with thoughts, but I will guide Thee when reason fails. 

Lead it in the appropriate direction to achieve its goal.

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Affirmation of the Will

Will-affirmation is a term used to describe the act of affirming one's own will. Concentrate your will, on the Medulla and the point between your brows at the same time, and say the following aloud at first, then in whispers:

I intend to use my life to charge

I shall charge it with God's will.

All of my tissues, limbs, and organs are connected to my nerves and muscles.

With a pulsing, tingling fire

With a happy burning power in the blood and glands

I bid you flow by sovran command.

I demand that you shine.

I've given you my command to shine.

Affirmation of one's thoughts

Concentrate Thought on your brow and repeat after me:

My life seemed to be flowing.

My life has always flowed for me.

To flow from my brain to the rest of my body.

Light streaks do appear.

Through the tissue-root of my body.

The influx of life via the spine

Doth froth and spray through the spine

The little cells are all drinking.

All of their small lips are gleaming.

The little cells are all drinking.

All of their small lips are gleaming.

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A Healing Positive affirmation

On every emotional altar

Thou sitting in thought and will

You are seated.

You are the sum total of every emotions, volition, and cognition.

Let them follow, let them follow, let them follow, 

Allow them to be as you are.

There was the Light-Thy Light I had not seen before, 

But now I saw it in the temple of consciousness.

The temple is light, and it is complete.

I slept and dreamed that the temple had collapsed due to fear, anxiety, and ignorance; 

I slept and dreamed that the temple had collapsed due to fear, concern, and ignorance.

Thou hast awoken me; thou hast awoken me; thou hast awoken me; thou hast awoken me; 

Your Temple of Light is complete.

I desire to adore Thee in my Heart and in the Star.

I love Thee in my bodily cells, 

I play with Thee in a drop of rain.

In body, star, and star-dust nebulae, I seek to adore Thee.

Thou art everywhere, and I worship Thee everywhere.

Thine is a celestial will

My will as a human being

I'm not going to declare, 'It's Thy Will That I'm wrong or sick.'

It is my will, detached from Thee, that binds and enslaves me.

I'll wish, I'll will, I'll work, and I'll drill.

But by Thee, but by Thee, I will labor, 

Exert my will, but charge my will with Thy own Will, 

Make us as small children as Thy Kingdom contains them, O Father.

Thy love for us is flawless.

We are holy in the same way that Thou art entire.

Exactly as Thou art, even as Thou art, we are well in body and mind.

We are Thy children, and you are flawless.

You are there in all places.

There is perfection wherever you go.

Every altar cell is occupied by you.

You are there in every cell of my body.

They are complete and flawless.

They are complete and flawless.

Make me feel as if you're right there with me.

They all make me, Everyone,

Thou art whole in Us, 

In my heart, in my mind, thou art everywhere.

In my eyes, my face, my limbs, and everything else.

My feet are entire, they are whole, because you move them.

Because Thou Are there, my calves and thighs are entire.

My thighs are kept in place by Thee, lest I fall.

They are complete because you are present.

Because Thou Are present, they are complete.

Thou haste haste haste haste haste hast

Abdominal mucous membrane

Glistens in the presence of Thee

Because Thou art present, these are complete.

Thou glistenst in my spine.

It's complete, it's complete.

Thou dost run through my nerves.

They're complete, they're complete.

Thou floatest in my veins and arteries, 

They are entire, they are entire.

In my guts, you are a fire.

In my intestines, you are fire.

They're complete, they're complete.

I am Thy own, just as Thou art mine.

You are flawless.

You are my mind

It is dazzling, it is complete, 

Allow my imagination to go wild. 

Allow my imagination to run wild.

I'm sick when I think I'm sick, 

and I'm well when I believe I'm well. 

Every hour, O every day, 

I'm entire in body, mind, and spirit, and I'm bliss in every manner.

I had a dream in which I was sick.

When I awoke, I was surprised to find myself still asleep. 

I awoke with tears of delight, not grief, to discover I had dreamed of illness.

I am whole, I am whole, I am whole, I am whole, I am whole, I am whole, I

Allow me to feel Thy loving ecstasy, Thy loving ecstasy. 

Thou am my Father, and I am Thy Child, whether good or bad.

Allow them to experience Thy wholesome euphoria.

Allow me to sense Thy wisdom's will.

Allow me to sense Thy wisdom's will.

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Rules to Follow Before Making Affirmations

  • 1. Take a seat with your back to the north or east.
  • 2. Shut your eyes (concentrating your attention on the medulla, unless otherwise directed). Maintain a straight spine, a high chest, and a tucked-in tummy. Completely unwind. Exhale three times while taking deep breaths. 
  • 3. Keep the body relaxed and immobile. Remove all restless ideas from the mind, as well as all physiological weight, temperature, and sound sensations. 
  • 4. Fill your thoughts with dedication and willpower, experiencing the former in your heart and the latter between your brows at its physiological core of generation. Anxiety, suspicion, and concern should all be banished. Recognize that the Divine Law only functions and is All-Powerful when you don't block it off with doubt or skepticism. It may work freely thanks to faith and attention. Maintain the belief that all body states are changeable and treatable, and that any perception of something being chronic is an illusion. 
  • 5. Forget what you desire to be cured from. 
  • 6. When doing group affirmations, the leader should stand and read the affirmations in a rhythmic manner. The audience should replicate his rhythm and intonation after him.

Affirm into Your Subconscious

TIME: (For the person) Immediately after waking up after a night's sleep or during the interval of somnolence before sleep in the morning. (For the group) Any time that is convenient. 

SETTING: As much as feasible, in a noiseless or peaceful environment. If you have to utilize the affirmations in a noisy environment, simply disregard the noise and focus on your activity. 


  • Always clear your thoughts of any anxieties and uneasiness before beginning to affirm. 
  • Choose an affirmation and repeat it loudly at first, then softer and slower until your voice is hardly audible. 
  • Then progressively confirm it simply in your mind, without moving your mouth or lips. 
  • Affirm mentally until you feel like you've blended into a state of profound, uninterrupted concentration, not unconsciousness, but conscious continuity of thinking. 
  • Then, if you keep repeating your mental affirmation and going deeper, you will experience an increased sensation of joy and tranquilly. 

Your affirmation will dissolve into the sub-conscious stream during intense concentration, only to return later fortified with power to impact your conscious mind through the law of habit. 

Your affirmation moves deeper into the super-conscious reservoir as you experience ever-increasing tranquilly, returning later laden with boundless power not just to affect your conscious mind but also to materially accomplish your objectives. 

Doubt not, and you will experience the scientific faith's miracle. 

Care should be taken to affirm with an even tone, even strong force, even focus, and even sense of faith and calm during group affirmations for treating physical or mental ailment in oneself or others. 

Weaker minds dilute the unified power generated by such affirmations, and can even divert this flow of power away from its intended goal. 

By all means, do not move your body, become psychologically agitated, or bother your neighbor. Simply remaining motionless is insufficient; you must remember that your focus or restlessness will have a significant impact on the intended outcome, either positively or negatively. 

The following affirmation-seeds are imbued with the Soul's inspiration, and they should be watered by your trust and focus and sown in the soil of super-conscious serenity to help them germinate. 

Between the sowing of the affirmation-seed and its blossoming, there are several mechanisms at work. To get the intended result, all of the circumstances for its growth must be met. 

The affirmation-seed must be alive, devoid of doubt, unrest, or inattention; it must be planted in people's thoughts and hearts with faith, focus, dedication, and tranquilly; and it must be nurtured with deep, fresh repetitions. Avoid mechanical repetition at all costs. 

The biblical prohibition "Do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain" has this connotation. Repeat affirmations forcefully, with passion, and with sincerity, until you have accumulated enough power that one command, one powerful desire from yourself is enough to transform your body cells or move your Soul to accomplish wonders.

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Value of Different Cure Methods

The objective of illness prevention should be one that we all strive towards. Our whole attention should be focused on this critical issue. 

Because many people are already suffering as a result of breaking spiritual, mental, or physical laws of life, and because many more will continue to break these laws even if they are aware of the consequences, it is important and necessary to weigh the relative worth of various methods of curing physical diseases. 

Medical science relies solely on physical agents to treat patients, and so has a fairly limited range of action. 

Even the most materialistic medical professional understands the influence of attitude on sickness, and feels more confident in his capacity to treat if his patient "believes in him." Because solely mental therapeutic approaches do not consciously operate with the Life Energy and employ willing without creating a physiological link, they are ineffective in all types of sickness. 

Auto-suggestion and will-affirmations are unconscious means of activating the Life Energy. When conscious will and cooperation with Life Energy are added, the results are significantly improved. However, if psycho-physical procedures are used with will, trust, and reason to direct the Life Energy and attain super-consciousness, healing is guaranteed. 

All sickness issues may be solved by understanding the fundamental and inseparable oneness of matter and spirit.

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Spiritual Energy Centers in the Body


During the various affirmations, take note of the physiological centers to which your attention should be directed—for example, the heart is the center of feeling, the medulla is the source of energy, and the flow of energy will come from the point in the middle of the forehead. 

When we feel anything, our attention is automatically directed to those centers, for example, when we feel anything, our attention is concentrated in the heart, and we feel it to the exclusion of all other areas of our body. 

We want to develop conscious control over how our attention is directed to the centers of thinking, volition, and sensation. Above all, the finest means of quick healing is absolute unwavering faith in God or his sincere believers. 

It is preferable to die in excellent health while attempting to raise such faith than to die in excellent health while relying just on medicine or matter. 

If congregations and individuals repeat the following affirmations with awareness and dedication, they will considerably assist them in gradually learning the functioning of the human body. They must meditate thoroughly on the underlying meaning of the affirmations, as well as read and mentally revisit the topic of Spirit and matter.

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One thing to keep in mind is that as you move from one chanting condition to the next, your mental attitude should shift as well, becoming deeper and more intense. 

The goal is to merge the chanter, the chant, and the chanting process into one. 

The mind must descend into the deepest aware state possible, not unconsciousness, absent-mindedness, or sleep, but a focused concentrated state of total consciousness in which all ideas are sunk and merged into one state, like particles pulled to an irresistible magnet.

Chanting in Its Various Forms

Remember to practice the affirmations with the right loud intonation, fading into a whisper, and most all, with focus and commitment, carrying the idea from the auditory sense to the understanding or conscious mind, then to the subconscious or automatic mind, and last to the Super-conscious, with belief regarding their efficacy and veracity. 

These affirmations will cure those who believe, and Yoga will teach them how to avoid sickness as well as treat it. 

The sequence of the many consecutive chanting states: 

  1. Chanting that is both conscious and loud hushed Chanting is a kind of meditation. 
  2. Chanting in your head Chanting without realizing it.
  3. Chanting with Intention 

With just internal awareness, sub-conscious chanting becomes habitual. 

When deep internal chanting vibrations are translated into realization and established in the super and sub-conscious minds, as well as the conscious mind, this is known as super-conscious chanting. 

Super-conscious chanting is the practice of focusing one's attention on the genuine Cosmic Vibration rather than on a made-up sound.

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Vibration of the Body

The body is made up of solids, liquids, and gases, which are all in a state of individual vibrations. 

The vibration of life current, present as fluid energy, is present beneath the strata of flesh, as is the vibration of subtle human consciousness, which remains isolated from the Cosmic Consciousness due to ignorance. 

There is no change or death in Cosmic Consciousness, whereas human consciousness is subject to change and limitation. 

The process of freeing the mind entails training it through affirmations, concentration, Yoga, and other methods so that it can gradually shift its focus away from the grosser body vibrations. 

Their attendant changes of death, disease, and so on, and toward the subtler and more stable vibration of Life Energy and consciousness on to the Cosmic Consciousness, where there is no consciousness of change, i. e., death, life, and so on.

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Risks of Blind Denial

It is impractical, dangerous, and fanatical to teach the non-existence of matter while dreaming and engrossed in matter. 

The formation and breaking of the delusion of matter is governed by a deep-seated scientific psychological law. 

The methods of psycho-physical concentration, which gradually and consciously disengages and liberates the Soul from its identification with the material consciousness through certain definite stages of step-by-step realization, are the only ways to banish delusion. 

People with material consciousness, who believe in the gross body, must first be gradually trained to rely less on medicine and material aids and more on mental aid and the immortal nature of consciousness. 

Converting people who have a material consciousness to metaphysical zealots achieves nothing. 

In fact, much harm is done, because one misunderstanding leads to another, and because they don't understand the material laws of God, which medical science has only partially discovered and applied, and which these metaphysical fanatics deny in a crude, self-deceiving way, they also don't understand the systematic and scientific laws of the mind, and become stubbornly fixed in their beliefs. 

They blindly follow an idea, ignoring the rational and logical side of their nature. Truth satisfies every aspect of man's nature and excludes any inconsistencies or discordant elements. 

One man's truth will triumph, whereas error shared by the rest of humanity, except that one, must be rejected.

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Be sure to check out my writings on Religion here.