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Parapsychology - Academy of Religion and Psychical Research.


J. Gordon Melton, the organization's founding secretary, proposed operating in the areas where parapsychology and religion overlap in 1971, and the organization was created in 1972.

It has been a part of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellow programas an academic affiliate (SFF).

The academy promotes communication, idea exchange, and collaboration between clergy, philosophy and religion academics, and parapsychology and allied field researchers and scientists.

It runs educational programs for students, members of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, and the general public, and collaborates with other organizations.

Soon after its creation, the academy held many significant conferences, the first of which was held at Garrett Theological Seminary in 1972, but its activity halted in the mid-1970s as SFF went through a period of organizational turmoil.

The academy, which was reorganized by the end of the 1970s, now holds an annual conference and occasional seminars, usually in conjunction with the annual meeting of SFF.

It has an annual competition for the Robert H. Ashby Memorial Award, which is given to the best paper on a certain topic.

The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research is published quarterly, as are the Proceedings (issued from time to time).

P.O. Box 614, Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002-0614, is the address for the academy. is the URL for the website.

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