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Yoga And Yoga Asanas - Yoga As A Means Of Achieving Spiritual Unity

Many people nowadays recognize the need of spiritual unity on a personal, national, and global level. It is self-evident that the world need unity, since division exists on a personal, inter-personal, national, and worldwide level. 

Even yet, many people are now attempting to achieve spiritual oneness in their own unique manner, using a variety of techniques, and the cry to Oneness can be heard everywhere. 

We must acknowledge that we have arrived at a point in history when the concept of Oneness may be articulated, even accepted; but, this oneness, or Oneness, must be genuinely spiritual, not the kind proposed by politicians, economics, or global leaders from different nations and strong faiths. 

Everyone wants "one world, one government, one political unity, one religion, one monetary unit, one language, even the 'one sex' of the Hippy Generation"...but everyone wants their own "one world"; their own "one government," their own "one political party," their own "one religion," their own "one monetary unit,".

  • Each incorporates his own temperament, weakness, and flaws into his system of oneness, but declares it to be the "one path" to personal liberation, political independence, economic salvation, or a "new way of life." 
  • The Messianic complex of people, organizations, and countries has evolved into a "Holy Cause" to support national liberation and freedom-fighting wars, or to convert the world to a new "religion." 
  • The vanity of the "selfless," even those who claim the highest level of humility, is unfathomable.
  •  This era will be remembered in the future as the Age of Unitive Uderstanding, just as the eighteenth century was known as the Age of the Industrial Revolution, the nineteenth century as the Age of Science, and the twentieth century as the Age of Reason. 
  • Those of us who are on the edge of this era will be midwives for the nascent Age of Enlightenment, which will bring spiritual oneness to the person, country, and planet. Material sciences have increased rather than decreased man's necessities. 

Psychiatry in the public eye has been forced to acknowledge defeat. Religion is concerned with gods who have died or are dying. 

  • Is it possible for failure to lead to success? 
  • Is it possible for death to bring about life? 
  • Is it possible for a rotting tree to provide excellent fruit? 

These aren't just rhetorical inquiries. Because man is a spirit, he must worship in spirit and truth. He must perceive the God he worships, in whatever form he worships, via spiritual truth. 

If the word "spirit" is regarded all-inclusive of the global phenomena that vie see as "light," spiritual awareness may be used in daily life. 

The religious holy man of the past has made way for the modern age's "wholly" man. 

We have been blessed in India with "holy" and "wholly" men among our Yogis from the beginning. 

The word "Yoga" connotes spiritual oneness at all levels of body awareness and bodily processes, with the emotional drive under mental control, developing via man's greatest spiritual component into the Supreme Unity, which is called Yoga. "Yoga" literally means "spiritual union," which refers to living a holistic, integrated existence. 

  • Yoga is a condition of spiritual oneness in which a person's life of thought and action is completely in tune with his source or origin. The phrase originates from the Sanskrit word "yuj," which means "to connect" or "to yoke together," or "to connect as one," implying a spiritual oneness that results in action harmony. 
  • Yoga is not solely an Indian path, despite being protected by Hinduism for millennia. 
  • It is a universal philosophy that is rapidly gaining popularity in the West as it draws the inquisitive, scientific, and philosophical mind that seeks the reason for Being rather than just solutions to problems. 
  • Yoga is neither an art form, a science, a philosophy, or a psychology. It is a wholistic approach toward living a unitive existence, neither a "ism" or a "ology." 
  • Yoga is very spiritual in nature, since the goal is a very personal, individual discovery of the Self's true nature via conscious realization of that independent, self-existing, self-originating, effulgent divinity that lies at the heart of both man and the Universe in which he lives. 
  • Untruth, violence, and devastation are all around us; in fact, we are in the middle of confusion, violence, and devastation, even from organizations that profess to be sincerely committed. Yoga has piqued curiosity. 

Let us examine this "challenge to our thinking" a bit more thoroughly if there is a need for clarification of what this freedom implies in the fields of religion, philosophy, politics, or at a national or worldwide level. 

  • Three great cosmic Principles are at work in all things, flowing through the life of the ordinary man, both externally and internally: unity, harmony, and understanding. 
  • The Universe is a single entity. It knows everything. In awareness, it is balanced, resulting in harmony. It is critical that these experiences enter the individual's sphere of consciousness, and that a deliberate effort be made to recreate these experiences in his day-to-day existence. 
  • At the human level, the adversaries of these Cosmic Principles are all aberrations of the same Cosmic Principles. It is unavoidable that we do not see clearly. This is not a new state. 

In SHODHASHAKA PRAKARANA, a renowned ancient writer Haribhadra described conditions that he predicted would lead to society's degradation, if not collapse. He has shown himself to be a reliable prophet. 

  1. He claims that inertia, or Khcda, may draw man away from active development, allowing individuals, even large groups of people, to claim that "nothing can be done" while their leaders and rulers crush them and others beneath the yoke of tyranny in their frenzy for power and status. 
  2. Udwcga, apprehension, and Kshepa, apprehension, would follow. Fears and anxieties are so common that it's difficult to find someone who isn't affected by them. 

  • The order of the day is uncertainty, even about the next breath. Uttathaana symbolizes the world's diversions as we overlook humanity's ruin and the end of civilization, which looms big on the horizon. 
  • It is also clear that these diversions are luring the young of this and other countries away from the spiritual life. 
  • The order of the day is anyayud. Anyayud is a magnet for the unwanted, particularly when morals and ethics are in need of reinforcement and spiritual development is critical. 

  • Sanga is our connection to the world's sensual pleasures as well as our desire to acquire the world's goods and goods. 
  • When we seek higher thinking or strive to raise our awareness, these are the millstones on our necks. Rik's mental instability had reached new heights. 
  • More doctors and mental institutions are needed in this country, as well as others, to care for people suffering from the circumstances produced by the same illusory world they wanted to own. 

  • Mranti, or memory loss, is so common that we are lucky to be able to function at all. 
  • Our very lives are on the line. Our whole life is at stake, and those of us who are interested in Yoga have no option but to devote our lives to this united method of lifting and choosing spiritual liberation.

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