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Paganism & Wicca - Who Is A Strega?


Despite being discouraged and persecuted, Italian magical practices remained surprisingly resilient. 

  • The Italian witch "Strega" is named, and "stregheria" refers to her whole skill of practical magic. 
  • The term has been used since the time of the Romans. Although the vampire bird connections have been forgotten, it is derived from strix.
  • Although strega is a derogatory term, it is also a fondly revered witch's title, comparable to "Baba" in Russian or "Mother" in English (as in Mother Shipton). 
  • Strega Nona, or "witch grandmother," is the protagonist of Tomie DePaola's series of children's novels. 
  • “Stregoni” is the masculine equivalent. 
  • Strega also refers to the whole system of stregheria in certain Italian regional dialects, thus one practices strega. 

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