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Paganism & Wicca - Who Is A Strigoii?

Strigoii is a Romanian term that refers to nightflying witches. 

  • Romanian is one of the Romance languages descended from Latin; the word comes from strix and is more akin to the ancient Latin term's evil, birdlike connotations than to contemporary Italian strega. 
  • Women born with a caul were thought to be more prone to become strigoii, particularly if they were also blue-eyed and red-haired. 

The strong negative image of the strigoii may stem from Christian views of old traditions and female practitioners in this area of the globe; being born with a caul seems to imply shamanic or magical abilities. 

  • Strigoii congregate in woods and cemeteries. 
  • Strigoii never die fully; they are buried with just their right eye closed. 
  • The left eye, which is on the dark side, is always open and vigilant. 
  • The strigoii will not be killed if nine spindles are thrown into their tomb, but they will be prevented from rising again. 

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