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Yoga Asanas For Stress Relief - Tadasana Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana - Mountain Pose With Fingers Locked

    This is a modified version of Tadasana, or "mountain position." 

    • In Sanskrit, urdhva means "upward," baddha means "caught" or "bound," and anguli means "fingers." 
    • The brain is calm yet attentive in this position, and you are aware of the extreme stretch of your whole body, from your feet to your interlaced fingers. 
    • Feel the energy run up your knuckles from your feet. 


    • Boosts confidence and aids in the treatment of depression

    • Relieves arthritis

    • Stretches the shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers

    • Aids in the treatment of spinal disorders

    • Tones and activates the torso, back, abdomen, and pelvis

    • Strengthens knee joints

    • Reduces sciatic pain

    • Corrects flat feet 


    • If you have a heart problem, stress-related headaches, a migraine, low blood pressure, sleeplessness, osteoarthritis of the knees, bulimia, diarrhoea, or leukorrhoea, do not practice this asana. 
    • Do not hold the position for longer than 15 seconds if you have high blood pressure. 
    • Keep your feet 20cm (8in) apart if you have had polio, are knock-kneed, or have a balance issue. 
    • Keep the tips of your big toes together and your heels apart if you have back pain, a slipped disc, or a prolapsed uterus. 


    A wall will assist you with properly aligning your body, making pose changes simpler, and providing stability to the final posture. 


    1 Stand in Tadasana against a wall, on an even, exposed surface, with your bare feet. 

      • With your palms towards the chest, bring your arms towards your chest. 
      • From the base of the knuckles, interlock your fingers firmly, with the little finger of your left hand lower than the little finger of your right hand. 

    2 Turn your palms inside out if they're interlaced. 

      • Exhale and raise your arms to shoulder level in front of you. 
      • Then take a deep breath and lift your arms over your head until they are perpendicular to the ground. 
      • Lock your elbows and completely extend your arms. 
      • In your hands, feel the strain. 
      • For 30–60 seconds, hold the position.

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