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Hinduism - Who Is Considered A Guru In A Hindu Society?


 A guru is a spiritual instructor or religious mentor in the most common sense; in a broader sense, the term may apply to any teacher.

The phrase is often used in the arts, where the master-disciple connection is still an important aspect of learning.

The guru-disciple (shishya) connection is one of Hinduism's most fundamental and lasting aspects, and it is the acknowledged paradigm for the transmission of religious instruction, tradition, and authority.

The guru-disciple connection requires a deep and trusted relationship in addition to delivering knowledge.

Based on an appraisal of the student's skills, inclinations, and abilities, the guru assumes responsibility for the disciple's growth, while the disciple dutifully follows the guru's instructions.

The name "guru" literally means "heavy," implying the tremendous and lasting impact they make on their pupils' lives.

A guru is regarded essential for authentic spiritual attainment as a guiding presence.

This is especially true in hidden traditions like tantra, where the guru's transmission of authority confers the required adhikara or "qualifications" for practice on the pupil.


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