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Hinduism - What Are The Texts On Erotica Or Ratishastra, And Its Attitude Towards Human Sexuality And Sexual Functions?


Texts on erotica Ratishastra, or "treatises on [sexual] pleasure," was a well-established genre in Indian literature, with the Kama Sutra being the best-known. 

Sexual pleasure was considered as a natural element of human existence that didn't need to be disguised and didn't need any justifications. 

One of the purusharthas, or life goals, was kama (which might mean "desire" or "sexual desire"). 

Insofar as the pursuit did not conflict with other goals, satisfying one's wants was recognized as a respectable objective and a desirable thing. 

Sexuality was examined and classed in erotic writings as an aesthetic experience and a route for bodily pleasure. 

Such well-defined sexuality was designed to give fulfillment for both parties for its sophisticated practitioners, and the literature is remarkable in this regard for providing women equal desire and pleasure. 

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