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Yoga And Yoga Asanas - A Yogi's Way Of Saying A Prayer And Giving Thanks Before Eating

When the Yogi eats, he eats in a certain way. This is not only a good way to guarantee appropriate digestion, but it also ensures that all of the nutrients in the meal are absorbed. 

It will be of particular interest to individuals who want to reduce their food intake as part of a weight-loss program or for people suffering from diabetes or gastrointestinal problems. 

  • The Yogi cleans and cleanses his food before offering it to God via prayer or singing a Mantra such as the deep AUM. 
  • All devout Hindus employ the mantra OM TAT SAT (God is that Eternal Truth revealed everywhere) before every act of eating, sleeping, working, or even sex. 
  • The AUM or any appropriate prayer or Mantra is used when breaking up the meal with his hands (a knife and fork are considered violent weapons) or preparing the meal. 
  • While food is being cooked, humming, singing, or thinking uplifting thoughts should continue so that the highest kind of mental vibrations are connected. 
  • Other Mantras may be used to offer God the karma of the eating act in any manner. "Om Tat Sat Brahmar Panamastu" or "Om Tat Sat Krishnar Panamastu" may be said. 

Saying a blessing over the meal is the same thing. 

  • You may create your own Mantra, or you may have a traditional blessing from your own family that you may utilize. 
  • Every bite of food or sip of drink is taken with love, pleasure, and admiration, and then kept in the mouth for more pleasure before mastication or chewing. 
  • The meal should be fully masticated to the point that swallowing is unnecessary. 
  • The meal is seen as providing a lot of energy to the body and working in harmony with it to repair the tissues of the physical structure. 

The Yogi finishes his meal with a grateful Mantra gesture, or prayer to the Divine, and then spends at least one hour after eating in a meditative state or uplifting activities, avoiding any agitation or mental disturbance of any kind. 

If you're unhappy or furious, don't eat. 

  • According to one old Yoga book, instead of rising after eating, one should sit and perform some mild Pranayama while taking a brief walk. 
  • After that, lie down on your left side (so that the digestive fluids reach the top of your stomach) and relax or rest for a few minutes. 
  • This ancient adage seems to be excellent advise for people suffering from stomach problems.

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