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Paganism & Wicca - Who Is A Trollkvinna?


Trollkvinna: Say it out loud: it sounds like "troll queen" in English. 

  • Trolls aren't simply those huge, obnoxious giants. 
  • Troll also means "to make move," "to sing loudly" or "to rejoice in song," "to sing or perform," or, most tellingly, "to fish by trailing a lure or baited hook." 

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Trollkvinna is a witch in Swedish. 

  • There are witches who are not female trolls in Scandinavian mythology; female trolls, on the other hand, are indistinguishable from witches. 
  • Female trolls are frequently (but not always) gorgeous and intelligent, while male trolls are always ugly and dumb. Some researchers think that the term "troll" relates to surviving Neanderthals.

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