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Paganism & Wicca - Who Was Victor H. Anderson?

ANDERSON, VICTOR (1917-2001) 

Victor Anderson, one of the founders of the Vicca Faery tradition, was born in Clayton, New Mexico, on May 21, 1917, to Hilbert and Frances Anderson. His father delivered him on their ranch. 

  • Victor met his wife, Cora, in person in Bend, Oregon, in 1944, after meeting on the astral plane for many years (see Astral Temple). 
  • They married three days later, on May 3, after instantly recognizing one other. Victor lost nearly all of his sight as a result of an accident when he was a kid. 
  • Anderson was mainly self-educated, although attending a blind school in Oregon. 
  • He was a voracious reader and writer, having published Thorns of the Bloodrose in 1970 and many essays on the Faery religion and Hawaiian Huna. 
  • Anderson was also a gifted linguist who knew Hawaiian, Spanish, Creole, Greek, Italian, and Gothic, among other languages. 

When Victor died, he and his wife Cora established the Faery tradition of the Old Religion and managed their coven, Nostos ("Blue Circle"). 

  • The Andersons intervened in a quarrel between their son Victor and another little child in the 1950s.
  • The Andersons' next-door neighbor became a close friend and was even ritually initiated into their tradition, eventually changing his name to Gwydlon Penddeiwen. 
  • The majority of the ritual texts currently in use by the Faery tradition were written by Pendderwen and Anderson. 

Cora was an author in her own right, co-authoring "Etheric Anatomy: 

  • The Three Selves and Astral Travel" with Victor and writing "Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition." At the age of 93, she passed away in 2008. (STR)

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