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Hinduism - What Is Vijaya Dashami?


Vijaya Dashami is a Hindu festival commemorating the Lord's Victory Or Vijaya.("tenth victory")

Vijayadashami marks the culmination of Durga Puja in India's southern, eastern, northeastern, and some northern areas, commemorating goddess Durga's triumph over the buffalo monster Mahishasura to restore and defend dharma.

Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu's eighth avatar, is said to have vanquished the ten-headed monster Ravana in this famed Hindu festival. 

Lord Rama traveled to Ravana's realm with his brother Larkshman and devotee Hanuman to battle him and bring back Sita, Rama's wife.

 The holiday of Dussehra, which occurs on the tenth day of the lunar month, is known by another name.

According to Hindu mythology, Dussehra is celebrated after Navratri because Lord Ram is said to have worshipped Goddess Durga before embarking on his quest to slay Ravana, as advised by Lord Vishnu. 

The event commemorates Lord Ram's triumph over Lankan ruler Ravana (the 10-headed demon).

The festival has two mythological charters, one with the god Rama and the other with the Goddess, and both myths lead to this day as the day when the deity achieves ultimate triumph.

~Kiran Atma

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