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Hinduism - Who Was Krishna Deva Raya?


(r. 1509–1530) The most powerful emperor of the Vijayanagar dynasty, the last of the major Hindu kingdoms in the south.

Vijayanagar reached its pinnacle during his reign.

The Deccani sultans to the north were beaten by Krishna Deva Raya, but he reinstalled them as vassals.

He explored the eastern coast all the way to Orissa, maintaining strong business connections with the freshly arriving Portuguese but refusing to become involved in their politics.

His rule was marked by artistic achievement and overall prosperity, as shown by historical artifacts.

His successors, on the other hand, were not as successful.

At the battle of Talikota, a coalition of Deccani sultans destroyed Rama Raja less than forty years after his death.

The kingdom of Vijayanagar was entirely destroyed. 

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