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Hinduism - Who Is Goddess Lakshmi In The Hindu Pantheon?

Lakshmi ("prosperity," "good fortune") is the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance in Hindu mythology and Vishnu's consort and bride.

Lakshmi is said to be born when an ocean of milk is churned to produce the nectar of immortality.

Lakshmi is the purified essence of the primordial ocean, signifying all the wonderful things that come from it, much as butter is the refined essence of milk.

Lakshmi is the goddess of money, good fortune, and prosperity, and she is seen as the personification of all three.

Lakshmi is often shown with the lotus and elephant, both of which are symbols of good fortune.

Many of the photos feature gold coins falling from her hands, which represent riches.

Lakshmi is a powerful force in Hindu culture because of her powerful ties.

Lakshmi wields her power just by being present: when she arrives, she gives riches and good fortune, and when she departs, she takes these blessings with her.

People are naturally eager to please Lakshmi, given her power, particularly because she has a reputation for being capricious and fickle in her human relationships—a reputation that represents a realistic assessment of life's vicissitudes.

People are exceedingly cautious while dealing with Lakshmi because of her capriciousness and reputation for being somewhat bitter.

They want to avoid offending her, even if accidentally.

Diwali is Lakshmi's main yearly celebration, during which she is said to traverse the world.

People spend the days leading up to Diwali cleaning, repairing, and whitewashing their houses in preparation for the goddess's arrival.

People open all their doors and windows (to make it easier for her to enter) and arrange lights on their windowsills and balcony ledges to welcome her in on Diwali evening.

During Diwali, gambling is a popular pastime.

Gambling is normally thought of as a bad habit, but during Diwali, it underlines the link between money and Lakshmi, who appears as Lady Luck.

Despite her erratic personal interactions, Lakshmi is regarded as the ideal wife, especially in her love and obedience to her husband.

When Lakshmi and Vishnu appear together, she is much smaller, indicating her status as a servant.

Another popular depiction of the couple has Lakshmi rubbing Vishnu's feet, implying her wifely servitude.

Lakshmi is not only a role model for human spouses, but she is also said to be present in each one.

Married ladies are said to represent the household's good fortune.

It is widely acknowledged that families that are not respected will never be rich.

See David R. Kinsley's Hindu Deities, 1986, for further information about Lakshmi and all the Hindu goddesses. 

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