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What Is the Adventure Tradition Of Wicca?

Wicca is a relatively young religion that draws on ancient and modern affirmations of life and recognizes the sacredness of natural energies. 

  • Adventure is an archetypal attitude, a style of perceiving experience, and a connection. 
  • The adventure tradition of Wicca has been created by Camp sight Coven. Synthesis and invention characterize (and are acknowledged by) adventure. 
  • This tradition questions highly controlled experience and "establishment" assumptions; 
  • To go from doctrine, tradition, and ease and pitch up camp in the forests beyond. One of Wicca's youngest traditions is the Adventure tradition. 

After a few years as a circle, Camp sight was given coven status in 1991. 

Ashleen O'Gaea, and Canyondancer who had previously worked with the Camp sight Coven in southern Arizona, developed the Adventure Wicca tradition. 

The first coven to proclaim itself an Adventure tradition group was Camp sight. 

While Wicca gives its theology, there is a separate Adventure interpretation and focus; nonetheless, the Adventure age tradition does not delve into the details of ceremony. 

What occurs in one traditional coven is quite similar to what occurs in another coven of the same lineage. 

However, what happens in one Adventure coven may vary from what happens in another in a variety of ways. 

  • Adventure covens may differ in how a circle is formed and called, what pantheon is revered, how the group interacts with the rest of the community, how magic is performed, and how guardians are dealt with. This is due to the Adventure culture's reliance on individuality. 
  • Take a look at life: diversity reigns supreme! Listen to the following tales about cheerful bands: Individual members come from a variety of backgrounds, ensuring that each organization has access to a broad range of resources and capabilities. 
  • Adventure Wicca primarily deploys these resources and capabilities into guardian combat. Ulysses' return journey, Gawain's combat with the Green Knight, and Robin Hood's checks on the sheriff's abuses of power are all examples of individual and societal guards. 
  • These energies, like the water ice in the polar ice caps, might be blocked by our fears and biases, making them inaccessible to us. 
  • When we challenge these guardians, we recapture energy that powers personal and cultural change. 
  • The works and idioms selected by each Adventure coven—scholarship? healing? minstrelsy? 
  • What do you mean, public service? camping?-are one-of-a-kind. 
  • Wicca's Anglo-Celtic roots connects adventure covens via shared sources of image, ritual, and metaphor. 
  • This covers old Celtic traditions and myths, Arthur's tales, Robin Hood's tales, and even Frodo and Luke Skywalker's! 
  • The foundations of adventure are a fearless narrator, a welcoming camp (home, heart, and mind), and the desire to explore what's around the next turn.

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