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Paganism & Wicca - What Is Widdershins?

Widdershins literally means, "the road on the left." 

  • When walking or dancing counter-clockwise, one is circling widdershins, walking or dancing in the opposite direction of the sun. 
  • The moon, ladies, and yin energies are associated with the left side in traditional magical knowledge. 
  • Dualist philosophy linked "left" with the evil side of the everlasting chessboard of warring forces, while non-dualist cultures view "left" as neutral and necessary: there is no "right" without "left" and vice versa. 

Mr. Right, the right choices, and the right route vs left-handed praises and the left-hand road are examples of modern use that reveal these meanings. 

The left side is the sinister side in Latin; do we need to explain more? 

Circling widdershins became known as the "witches' path" and the "devil's way" after Christianity. 

It was enough for a witch to be accused of witchcraft if she was seen circling widdershins. 

Those who believed witches were wicked malefactors were terrified when they saw someone circling widdershins. 

  • Many spells use widdershins movement in the same way as deasil does. 
  • When one of them is removed, the equilibrium is lost. 
  • However, there is still a fear of widdershins among many Wiccan traditions, though not all, who connect widdershins with evil magic. 
  • Widdershins is often used for banishing by those who integrate it into their magical practice.

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