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Hinduism - Who Is A Baiga?

Probably a misspelling of the term vaidaga, which means "healer". 

A baiga is a sorcerer, healer, and ritual practitioner who works with spirits from the Hindu pantheon's lowest levels. 

  • A baiga may serve as a medium for village deities or an exorcist for witches, bhuts, and prets.
  • The power of a baiga is founded on his mastery of mantras, holy sounds that he either inherited from a relative or purchased from a knowledgeable person. 
  • Baigas tend to people's urgent needs, whether they are brought on by sickness, tragedy, accident, or claimed possession. 

They are significant characters in both urban and rural India because of their widespread connection to people's daily problems. 

  • The most effective baigas are those that exude the most authority, instilling in their patients the belief that the baiga can and will relieve their suffering. 

Lawrence Babb, The Divine Hierarchy, 1975, gives a brief overview of the baiga's practice; Sudhir Kakar, Shamans, Mystics, and Doctors, 1991, gives a more in-depth look at Indian healers and healing.

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