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Due to intense focus, various types of lights appear during meditation. A soft, white light the size of a pinhead will appear in the forehead at the gap between the two brows, which tentatively refers to the Ajna Chakra, at first. Different colored lights, white, black, red, smoky, blue, green, mixed lights, flashes like lightning, flames, moon, sun, stars, and sparks will be visible while the eyes are closed. Tanmatric lights are what they're called. Tanmatras come in a variety of colors. The use of yellow and white lights is very popular. Small balls of white or red light float around in front of the mind's eye at first. When you first notice this, know that your mind is getting more stable and that your focus is improving.

For a few months, the light will become larger, and you will see a complete blaze of white light that is larger than the sun. These lights are not constant at first. They surface and vanish in an instant. These lights show more consistently and stay constant for a long time while you have a consistent and systematic meditation practice of 2 to 3 hours. In Sadhana, seeing lights is a wonderful source of inspiration. It motivates you to maintain a consistent Sadhana practice. It instills in you a deep belief in extraterrestrial matter. The presence of the lights indicates that you have reached a level of awareness above the physical body. When the light arrives, you are in a semiconscious state. You're halfway between the two locations. When these lights appear, you do not move your leg. In your Asana, you must be completely still and breathe steadily.

You can sometimes see Devatas in lustrous forms or in other physical forms. You will be able to see your Ishta Devata or Guru. Darshan is given by Siddhas, Rishis, and others to inspire you. Beautiful parks, palatial houses, rivers, mountains, golden temples, and scenery that cannot be properly represented can be seen.

Many people of experiencing a strange feeling when concentrating intensely, as though an electric current were passing through the Muladhara-Chakra. Out of terror, they suddenly disrupt their bodies and return to physical consciousness. They have nothing to be afraid of. They should remain calm and wait for further opportunities.

Different people had different perspectives. One man's perspective could not be the same as another man's. When people have these encounters, they mistakenly think they have realized the Self, avoid their Sadhana, and try to travel with the public to preach and do Loka-Sangraha. This is a huge mistake. This isn't quite close to realization. These are all clear encouragements from your Ishta Devata to persuade you of the importance of a higher spiritual existence and to inspire you to practice with zeal and excitement. You'll have to dismiss them and send them out in the same way you did with earthly stuff. When you have these dreams, you must not give a damn. Your Lakshya must be aimed at the target. Visions can occur in some people within a few days, while others can take six to nine months to manifest. It is dependent on one's mental state and level of focus. Such people will not have those experiences, but they may continue to grow spiritually.

Often you'll see bright, dazzling lights that are larger than the sun. They are white in color.

They emerge and vanish easily at first. Later, depending on the degree of concentration, they become stable for 10 to 15 minutes. Lights can appear in front of the eyes or at some Chakra. Often the sun is so bright and dazzling that you have to take a break from your meditation and turn away. Any people are terrified and have no idea what to do or how to move. The mind engaged in concentration will disappear with continuous practice.

The astral realm is home to the beings and objects with which you interact during the early stages of Sadhana. Higher Devatas from the mental and higher planes descend to give Darshan and inspire Sadhakas. Shaktis manifest in a variety of lustrous shapes. They're fantastic. As soon as they appear in front of you, perform mental Puja.

Don't waste your time staring at these photos. This is just an amusement. All of this is meant to persuade you of the reality of superphysical and spiritual realities. Your own mental creations or realities on finer planes of matter, visions may be emotional or factual.

The universe is made up of different density matter planes. Tanmatras vibrate in a variety of ways, resulting in the creation of different planes. These entities or objects can appear in visions. Alternatively, they may be completely fictitious in many ways. They could be the result of your own obsessive thoughts coming to a head. You must be able to differentiate effectively.

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