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Parapsychology - What Is Abyssum?


Abyssum  is a plant that is utilized in the exorcism of a haunted dwelling.

The symbol of the cross is placed up at the four corners of the house to sanctify Abyssum.

Abyssum is a plant traditionally used since ancient times for the purpose of driving out demons and other evil spirits

  • When worn on a regular basis either on your person or when incorporated into an amulet, talisman, or pendant, it is believed to also protects against evil. 
  • This element in certain exorcism rituals has been used to throw demons out of the world and send them back to Hell. 
  • It may be utilized to expel any form of spirit from the body of a human. 
  • It may also be used to guard against evil and demonic possession

Thus for all the above experientially proven reasons it's considered a very potent element.

Kiran Atma

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