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Ayurvedic Healing Properties of Gemstones

    Healing Stones and Gems

    Healing energies are contained in gems and precious stones, which may be triggered by wearing them as jewelry, such as rings or necklaces, or by soaking them in water overnight and drinking the water the next day. 

    • They may be utilized to calm or activate certain organs in the body. 

    How to use a gemstone?

    Here are a few crucial basic considerations before we get into the impacts of individual gems and stones.

    How do you clean gemstones before wearing them?

    • Gems have a tendency to absorb their owner's traits and energy vibrations. 
    • Before utilizing any stone, it is a good idea to clean it. Soaking it in saltwater or milk for two days should suffice. The stone will not be harmed as a result of this.

    How to effectively wear a gemstone?

    • When wearing a gemstone, it should make contact with the skin through a small window in the setting, allowing the stone's delicate energies to interact directly with the body's energies.
    • It's crucial to wear the stone in the right place/finger or part of your body to see effects. 

    Which stone is for which finger?

    Here are a few suggestions: 

    • opal—ring finger 
    • yellow sapphire—index finger 
    • blue sapphire—middle finger 
    • diamond—ring finger 
    • pearl—little finger 
    • red coral—ring finger 
    • emerald—little finger 
    • opal—ring finger 
    • emerald—little finger

    Ayurveda suggests that rings be worn on the right hand, however in the West, if someone wishes to follow tradition and wear their wedding band on the left hand, that is ok.

    What to know before buying gems?

    • Stones that have been processed or chemically treated may not have the same therapeutic properties. 
    • It's ideal to get genuine, untreated, clean stones that don't have any flaws or cracks. 
    • If you're thinking about buying a stone, make sure to inspect it with a magnifying lens for cracks or blemishes.
    • If feasible, stones should be 3 to 5 karats, although a 1-karat diamond would suffice. A stone that is too tiny will have a little impact.
    • Consult an expert before purchasing a stone unless you are informed with both stones and Vedic astrology (jyotisha). 
    • A negative in sequence might occur if you choose the incorrect gem for you or wear it on the incorrect portion of your body. 

    Gemstones list with pictures and meaning.

    Here are some of the primary gemstones and their Ayurvedic and Astrological features:

    1. RUBY 

    The sun is represented by the ruby in astrology. 

    • It is a life-protecting stone that promotes longevity and wealth, especially for vata and kapha people. 
    • This gem improves attention and gives mental strength. 
    • It also helps to keep the heart healthy. Rubies balance the vata and kapha doshas, although they can also raise the pitta dosha. 
    • Garnets have the same vibration as rubies and are sometimes referred to as the "poor man's ruby." 
    • Wear rubies and garnets together as a ring or a necklace on the ring finger. 

    2. PEARL 

    Pearls symbolize the moon, much as rubies represent the sun. 

    • They offer a relaxing, therapeutic vibration and a cooling impact. 
    • Pearls are beneficial to all doshas, although their cooling effect is especially beneficial to pitta. 
    • Pearls are said to bring mental serenity and tranquility. Internally, pearl ash is used to cure a variety of diseases. 
    • Many of the pearl's strengthening properties may be obtained by creating pearl water. 
    • Put 4 or 5 pearls in a glass of water overnight and consume the water the next morning.


    This beautiful stone, which is associated with Jupiter, gives stability, grounding, and knowledge. 

    • It has a calming effect on both vata and pitta, as well as a modest rise in kapha characteristics. 
    • It strengthens the heart as well as the lungs and kidneys. 
    • The Jupiter finger, the index finger, should always be adorned with yellow sapphire. 
    • Yellow topaz, sometimes known as the poor man's sapphire, shares many of the same characteristics as sapphire and provides similar advantages.


    Saturn is represented by this lovely precious stone, which bestows the blessings of that spiritual planet. 

    • Saturn, the earth and iron god, bestows insight. 
    • Vata and kapha are calmed by blue sapphire, although pitta may be stimulated. 
    • It strengthens muscles and the skeletal system, as well as aiding arthritic recovery. 
    • On the right middle finger, wear a blue sapphire, preferably in a silver setting. 
    • It should not be worn with diamonds since it will cause discord.


    This stone is lofty and sacred, with Saturn-like energy. 

    • It strengthens the body, mind, and awareness, as well as making the user more sensitive to higher spiritual vibrations. 
    • It strengthens the eyes, soothes the vata and pitta, and relieves worry, fear, and heart weakness. 
    • It is also beneficial to the liver and skin ailments. 
    • Lapis should be set in gold and worn as a necklace or on the little finger.

    6. EMERALD

    This valuable stone is said to bring riches as well as spiritual awareness. 

    • Vata and pitta are calmed, the nervous system is settled, and uneasiness is relieved. 
    • Emeralds, which are the planet Mercury's symbol, boost writing abilities, verbal power, and intelligence. 
    • It's ideal to have them set in gold and wear them on the little finger.

    7. DIAMOND 

    This extremely potent gemstone slows down the ageing process, increases life expectancy, and boosts immunity. 

    • Its energy vibrates the heart, brain, and deeper physiological tissues with gentle energy vibrations. 
    • It is the most rejuvenating stone. It is both financially and spiritually beneficial. Diamonds have different doshic effects depending on their hue. 
    • The energy of red diamonds increases pitta, whereas the energy of blue diamonds cools and calms pitta while enhancing kapha. 

    Pitta is calmed by clear, colorless diamonds, while vata and kapha are increased. 

    • Diamonds, which are connected with marriage and are symbolic of the planet Venus, really aid to develop a deep link in partnerships. 
    • The shukra, the body's reproductive tissue, is stimulated by these stones. 
    • This stone is associated with art, music, romance, and sex. 
    • Wear your gold-plated diamond as a necklace or a ring on your ring finger. 
    • However, low-quality diamonds may have harmful consequences on the health.

    8. RED CORAL

    The planet Mars is represented by this marine gemstone. 

    • It soothes pitta and aids in the management of wrath, wrath, and jealousy. 
    • The liver, spleen, and pericardium receive energy from coral. 
    • Wear your red coral as a necklace or as a ring on your ring finger, set in copper (ideally), silver, or white gold. 
    • Red coral is a powerful stone that also has an elegant quality about it.

    9. OPAL

    The planet Neptune is represented by this semiprecious stone. 

    • It strengthens both the majja and shukra dhatus (bone marrow and nerves) (reproductive tissue). 
    • It helps with migraine headaches, improves eyesight, reduces fever, and soothes pitta. 
    • Opals heighten spiritual sentiments, improve dedication, and assist with the development of intuition. 
    • This stone is very good to people who have Neptune in their third, fourth, sixth, tenth, or twelfth astrological house. On the ring finger, it should be set in gold or silver.

    10. CAT'S EYE

    Allergies, frequent colds and congestion, and allergic asthma benefit from this stone. 

    • It balances kapha and vata while raising pitta somewhat. It assists in the recovery of renal disease. 
    • Cat's-eye improves awareness and helps people avoid getting caught up in their emotions. 
    • Wear this stone in a gold setting on your ring or little finger if you work in psychological healing; it will shield you from negativity in sequences.

    11. QUARTZ

    These stones have a vibratory frequency that is similar to that of diamonds and is reminiscent of Venus.

    • Vata is calmed, perception is improved, communication is strengthened, and intuition is enhanced. 
    • Quartz crystals can be worn as a necklace or as a ring finger ring set in silver or gold.

    12. ONYX 

    This stone is beneficial for vata imbalances. 

    • It helps with epilepsy, Parkinson's illness, and even schizophrenia. 
    • It is beneficial for old age, disabling illnesses, and neurological malfunction. 
    • It promotes restful, deep sleep while also combating fatigue. 
    • It improves memory and encourages optimistic thinking. 
    • Onyx brings happiness and calm into one's life, as well as enhancing love in relationships. 
    • Its energetic vibrations are similar to those of the Sun and Jupiter. 
    • The ring finger should be adorned with this stone, which should be set in silver. (It's best not to wear this stone if your Sun sign is Sagittarius or Gemini.)

    13. JADE 

    Longevity is a benefit of jade. It is said to boost renal vitality and provide success to those who wear it. 

    • This stone is also beneficial to one's ability to communicate effectively.
    • It protects against cataracts and strengthens the prostate. 
    • On your little finger, wear a silver-plated jade ring.

    14. AMETHYST 

    Amethyst is a stone that helps with mental clarity and is associated with the top chakra. 

    • It should be set in gold to bring wealth. 
    • You may also wear it as a gold necklace around your neck. 
    • Wearing amethysts and placing them at the four corners of the bed can benefit a person with neuromuscular weakness. 
    • The deeper color of some amethysts gives them a Saturn-like vibe, akin to blue sapphire. 
    • Amethysts bring dignity, love, compassion, and hope to those who wear them. 
    • This stone aids in emotional regulation and is beneficial for vata and pitta imbalances.


    Aquamarine, a replacement for emerald, which represents Mercury.

    • It lowers mental dullness, stimulates cheerfulness and intellect, boosts verbal capacity, and increases memory. 
    • Aquamarine has Venus-like traits, so it's an excellent stone to wear if you're married and want to boost your love life. 
    • The little finger should be adorned with aquamarine, which should be set in silver. 

    Remember that merely wearing the right stone will not cure a doshic imbalance; you must also watch your food, meditate, exercise properly, and practice yoga postures, as well as actively and carefully look after your day-to-day and moment-to-moment health. 

    Low-Cost Gemstones that Can Assist in Dosha 

    Although some of the gemstones covered  may be purchased for a reasonable price, many of them may be out of your price range right now. 

    If that's the case, here are affordable stones that might help you achieve mental and physical equilibrium: 

    1. Rose quartz can help to balance the vata dosha when it is too strong. 

    • Rose quartz's soothing hue and energy can help with vata problems including anxiousness, dry skin, constipation, intestinal gas, and lower back discomfort. 

    2. Red coral or pearls can help with inflamed pitta

    • Pitta diseases such as furious emotions, different in amatory ailments and “-itises” such as colitis and conjunctivitis, as well as hyperacidity, can benefit from their cooling energy. 

    3. Garnets can help to balance the Kapha dosha. 

    • This stone's rich red hue enlivens the body's vitality and minimizes the symptoms of excess kapha, such as water retention, lethargy, sadness, and obesity.

    Kiran Atma

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